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BrainBlast: a sudden burst of intuitive insight based on random memories; a quick, but bright idea for an immediate resolution to whatever problem the thinker is in.

Our History

Established in 2005 by our founder, Fred Beau Bousquet, we started in one restaurant in one city. In 2017, we have over 200 shows in over 50 cities! There is a reason for that and it was simple. We listened. We listened to you and people like you about what you want! We provide an upbeat, high energy, interactive, family friendly show that everyone can enjoy! Whether you are playing Trivia, Bingo Express, Opinionation (family feud concept) or a Varitey show, it’s guaranteed to be a fun night for all!

Our Shows

The beauty of Brainblast is that it’s not just that we can bring more people to a slow night! Brainblast is the whole package! We have a full marketing strategy that focuses on growth from several angles to ensure maximum exposure. Our training program for hosts guarantees that a friendly, respectful, personable host will run the games and get your patrons involved and our customer service is unparalleled! Combined with fair pricing, Brainblast offers the fullest experience to help your business grow and squashes the competition!

Our Thanks

To all our clients, players and hosts that contribute to this great experience we call Brainblast—THANK YOU! Here’s to many more successful years, with your help! CHEERS!

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