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All of our shows are designed to be family-friendly, high energy, fun and easy to play! It’s always FREE to play and we provide everything you need to join the fun! Our shows are just right – not too short or too long, taking approximately an hour to play. It’s a great way to spend some time with your family and friends, while enjoying your favorite food and drinks!

Team up with your favorite know-it-all’s, compete for prizes—and bragging rights! General trivia that covers everything from movies, music, history, art, science, cartoons and advertising, to current events, sports, literature and more! Challenging and fun, it’s a great way to show off what you know!

An exciting new game that is sure to incite laughter for the whole gang! Nope, this isn’t trivia, this is a family feud style concept! We’ve surveyed people with hilarious questions and it’s YOUR job to guess the most popular answers! Teams compete based on the popularity of their answers. The more popular the answer, the more points your team earns! Fast paced, easy to play and fair for everyone! No right or wrong answer, just the most popular one!

Just when you think you know how to play Bingo, we’ve gone and changed things up on you! It’s got all the fun of the classic Bingo—with some Brainblast flair! 5 rounds, each played a little differently and prizes after each round! A bit of trivia thrown in and, just because we are who we are, a twist--- we’ve made Bingo a TEAM game! That’s right! Work together or independently, either way, it’s a “blast!”

BrainBlast Variety Show is the best of all worlds & more! We include questions from our classic Trivia show, Opinionation Live show, as well as introduce audio questions & what we like to call our Tritributes. There's something for everyone at our Variety Shows!